Speakers List

Alphabetical list of Speakers available.
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Gary Baney – Top 100 IT Leader (and Dragon Boat Racer)

Katie Brennan – Police Reform and Northern Ireland Expert

Ingrida Bublys – Honorary General Consul of the Republic of Lithuania

Paul Burik – Past President of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation

Marc Canter – Software entrepreneur, musician, blogger, thought leader

Miriam Carey – Author, Writer and Editor

Bob Coppedge – CEO, Author, Speaker, Crotchety Old Geek

Veronica Dahlberg – Founder and executive director of HOLA

Alex Desberg – Sales & Marketing Director at Ohio.net

Jim D’Orazio – Business College Marketing Professor

Darcy Downie – Chapter Director at Prevent Blindness

Richard Eastburn – The Baha’i Faith

Sanjay Garg – Shiksha Daan and community volunteer efforts and NASA Research in Aeronautics

Kevin Goodman – Managing Director, BlueBridge Networks

Dan Hanson – Great Lakes Geek and Entreprenerd

Debbie Hanson – ClevelandWomen.Com, ClevelandSeniors.Com & ClevelandPeople.Com

Ed Horvath – Iraq Veteran, Colonel and Physician

Wendy Hoke – Story Teller and Survivor

Kimberly Kirkendall – President of China Resource Network

Ken Kovach – Board Certified Coach

Li Li, MD, PhD – Director, Swetland Center for Environmental Health

Rick Lubinski – Energy Management Expert

Jim McIntyre – American Red Cross

Lou McMahon – Water and the Law

Joseph Patrick Meissner – Attorney, Green Beret Vietnam Veteran, Author

Tom Mugridge – Certified Arborist

Yvonne Pointer – Speaker, Author, Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Erika Puussaar – Estonian Community Leader

Les Roberts – Cleveland’s Favorite Writer

Steven H. Roesing – President and CEO of ASMGi

Paramjit Singh – Sikh leader promoting Peace and Non-Violence

Kevin Spencer – NFL Special Teans Football Coach

Michael Sreshta – Director of Pharmacy – Diabetes and Medication Management for Seniors

Chris Thompson – Founder and president of
Civic Collaboration Consultants, LLC

Johnny Wu – Filmmaker, Asian Community Leader, Festival Producer, Martial Arts Hall of Famer

Frank R. Yako – Experienced Technology and Business Executive