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Miriam Carey
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Miriam Carey
Miriam Carey

Miriam Carey Speaking Topics include:

  • Write a Book in 24 Blogs – How to develop content, build an audience, and write and sell a book one year
  • Write your Autobiography in 12 Blogs – Leave a Legacy for your Children and Grandchildren – use this Method to Write the Story of Your Life
  • Write a Business Book in 24 Blogs – How to Frame your Approach, Build an Audience, and Capture a Market in Less than a Year
  • Become a Freelance Writer – Tips From a Pro on Launching and Managing your Freelance Writing Career
  • Become a Freelance Travel Writer – How to Launch and Manage a Freelance Travel Writing Business
  • Freelance for B2B: Where the Money Is – Strategies for a Strong Career in Freelance Business Writing

Miriam Carey is an author and writer who has published four books, launched and edited travel magazines, and maintains a successful career in tech writing. One overbooked summer, Miriam realized that every writing project can be boiled down to a simple day-by-day plan — develop a outline, spend the time at the keyboard every day, get the work done, and soon you’ll have a finished project.

Miriam personalizes presentations for her audience as much as possible, sending out pre-event surveys to find out what types of projects each attendee is working on and ascertaining the level of expertise of each writer in the group. From one-hour presentations packed with helpful information and tips to three-hour or three-day workshops, Miriam’s presentations are full of helpful, real-world advice and strategies as well as useful tips, worksheets, and ongoing support to help writers begin — and ultimately finish — their projects.

Working out of Chicago where she is currently director of marketing for a technology firm, Miriam is currently working on spoken word storytelling and thinking about her next book. Miriam travels frequently to Cleveland, New York, and other locations in the Northeast.

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