Become a Speaker

Are you an expert in a field (or fields) who enjoys speaking to groups?  You may qualify for the Cleveland Speakers Bureau.  Here are a few Frequently Asked Facts:

  • The Cleveland Speakers Bureau includes only the best speakers in their field. Not everyone who applies is included.
  • We will require a photo and bio as well as suggested topics you want to speak on.
  • Most speaking engagements are for Cleveland and NE Ohio but some have been out of state/country.
  • Most requests for speakers are from organizations that have little or no budget.  Often an honorarium is offered.
  • Some speaking engagements have had significant fees.
  • Details of speaking engagements will vary (whether you can sell your book, record for sale, etc)
  • You are always free to turn down any request for your speaking services.

Contact us with any questions.