Rick Lubinski – Energy Management

Rick Lubinski, CEM, CDSM, CSDP, CEMSC, BEP

Rick Lubinski is President of Think Energy Management LLC, a nationally recognized energy consulting firm.

Rick Lubinski
Rick Lubinski

Rick Lubinski’s Speaking Topics include:

  • Supply-Side and Demand-Side energy management
  • Federal and State Incentives for Energy Projects
  • Best Practices for Energy Management Success
  • How to sell an energy project to a CFO
  • Energy Management Challenges and Opportunities in N.E. Ohio
  • Utility deregulation = Promises Broken, Energy Management = Promises Kept
  • Saving Money with Energy Management


Rick speaks to organizations about how Energy Management can lower operating expenses, reduce budget risks, improve building quality, improve employee productivity, enhance net operating income and contribute to asset appreciation.

Rick has won numerous awards for his work and brings many years of practical experience as an independent energy consultant in both regulated and deregulated energy markets throughout the US.
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